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We Care is in search of our next Executive Director.

Our current Executive Director has been with the ministry for over 27 years. We want to honor her desire to retire.

Our plan is to hire a Development Director who will work alongside our Executive Director and will transition to the Executive Director position.

Below, you will find both the position description for the Development Director and Executive Director.


Development Director

What we believe

Executive Director

Revised and approved 9 24 2018.pdf revised 9 24 2018.pdf #5 Commitment of Care (Revised 11 16 2010).pdf Employee Application 2013.pdf

Prevention Director


Katie, Executive Director, would love to chat about this opportunities with you.

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Campus Coordinator

Outreach Coordinator

We Care’s Outreach Coordinator position is actually two positions:

Prevention Program Director

 Campus Coordinator

Prevention does the programs in the Middle and                       High Schools

Campus helps coordinate our recognized student                  organization WeCare4NIU.

Both are part time with the

potential of expanding hours.

Prevention Director 2 2012.pdf Campus Outreach Coordinator4 2011.pdf